Sonntag, 17. März 2013

Cycle of Excuses - Texte

Thinking Sun

Emerge from clouds that fill the dark
To represent the laws that rule
Our nature and the conscious spark
A sentient thought might have called you
A sentient thought might just be law

Your chaos became order
Your dust clouds gathered planets
A planet bore the thinking man
Who carved stone and who made fire
Strong words he used like gadgets
Wished to conquer and withstand.

The wiring is illusion
Inside a mirror for the sun
Coronas and confusion
To do the right might feel so wrong
We're reacting to reactions
Just to become helium.


The earth spawned me so disfigured – would you sculpt me?
A lump without shape searching for some guidance
Your hands did no good; still you put me to the fire
The kiln made firm your mistakes – cannot blame you
Yourself you were made and afraid and a failure
Let loose, so untrained and so stained with your anger.

My skin was soft and still so smooth and wet
With time the clay would dry and eventually set
Still shimmering and still red I could not get why
You're paying for their debts and bow to their pride.

The tradition was passed on
And passed on
And passed on
Everyone and everything was made in the image of their makers,
Who in turn were made in the image of their makers
Everyone gets dented every now and then.
These dents add up until we end up missing vital parts.
We need to break the circle.
This has to stop.

...We need to break free

Today we need to shake our dusty coat
To save us from sending further goats
The statues of old times still stand to this day
The dents on their bodies were never erased.


|: Hunting and feeding
And mating and breeding
'tween working and meetin
And trading and cheating :|

I came from the trees just to worship a box
Our hair was receding, that's why we wear socks
Killed a strange pack for their wives and their stocks
To hide that we're savage we thought up some gods.

|: The tools that we use
They are an excuse
For violent abuse
We're lighting the fuse
Nothing to loose
We tie our own noose
Watching the news
Tighten the screws :|

Hunting and feeding
And mating and breeding
'tween working and meetings
And trading and cheating
Attacking retreating
The hairline's receding
Were hunting and breeding
And mating and feeding
And raping and cheating
And fainting and bleeding
And working and breathing
And planting and reaping


Wolves (Manimal Part 2)

Keep your guard up - the wolves are loose
They are hungry and can smell your wounds
Do not trust them, their smile's a ruse
Stay at tension, you've got a head to lose.

They pick the broken, they take the sick.
So do look healthy, that does the trick.
They are now closing, they're almost here
So show no weakness and show no fear.

Their hunger is nagging they will not wait
One out of our heard will be their bait
In sheep's fur they infiltrate
Stick together before it's too late.

Are they among us? I could'nt tell.
You cannot spot them, they hide so well,
They mimicked your friends, even their smell.
Always be careful and expect hell.

|: We're on the run, we're on the hunt :|

You say the wolves are dead, we live in peace
Still, how can i ever be at ease?
Their words left bitemarks in my soul
after all, they make me whole.


Put your hand against the door
Do not dare to open it
Can't you hear the howls behind
Just want to save you from harm.

Climb the hill to see the sun
Climb the ladder, fall back down.
But you've climbed the ladder and fell back down.

You would climb the hill to see the sun,

Should have stayed on the ground,
Should have stayed on the ground,
Should have stayed on the ground,
Should have stayed on the ground.

Don't you ever leave the ground again.
Don't you ever leave the ground again.
Don't you ever leave the ground again.
Don't you ever leave me again.

I'm your only friend now,
Why would you disobey me?
Just want to save you from harm
Don't want you to be hurt again.

Bar your windows. Bar your doors.
Watch the news and buy a gun.
Crawl into your safety -
Warm and cozy complacency.

My eyes have turned blind from darkness,
My body is covered in dust.
My legs feel limb from staying still all day
I just wanna see the sunshine
Just wanna hear the birds sing
I just wanna feel the trees grow
I just want to see the sky change.

But you won’t let me.
So I'm killing you within me.
I am killing you within me.
I am killing you within me.

|: You are not good enough :|

The cocoon around me opens.
I reach outside.
The chains you gave me – broken
This is my time

Worthless piece of shit

|: Why do you refuse to be happy? :|

It could be so easy
You could be so happy
All you'd have to do is let go of your misery
That drags you down
Like Sisyphus' stone
All the way into your grave
While all it really takes is for your paradigms to change.

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